About Scrover

What is Scrover?

Scrover is not JUST an alternative to Scratch, it's the very first revival planning to be based on Scratch 1.4 or Scratch 2.0.

The idea has been based on YouTube, ROBLOX and other old site revivals. With Scrover, you can code animations, games and stories on the web!

We are also planning for Scrover to be aimed for all ages, but we don't know yet.

P.S., The creation of Scrover is not owned by the Scratch Team, it is owned by fan users working together to make it to life!

Want to see what we're doing or meet the team?

Click here!

The full creation of Scrover is unkown, since we are waiting for Ruffle to support most things, and Actionscript is needed to run the Scrover Editor.