Welcome to Scrover, possibly the first Scratch 1.4 or 2.0 Revival!

Current Version: Ver 0.3.7 Alpha

Currently, this site is currently under construction, and is in Alpha stage. Signs ups, Shared Projects and other features will be coming soon!

Voting now has ended, but it is a tie. So, we are trying to aim to bring back 2.0, first.

Want to help complete Scrover? Check out the link here!

For now, check out our pages so far!

About us
Scrover's TOS
Sources used
The Story of Scrover
Scrover's Offline Client Source code

Unfunctional Web Pages - Only for what's coming soon and displaying reasons

Scrover's Admin Account Test
Scrover's Regular User Account Test
  • The Regular and the Admin user account has finally been released!
Scrover's Editor Test
Scrover's Ideas Page Test
How to get Flash back

The tutorial above CAN be followed, but we putted this here because we're not sure about the client we're going to use.

Scrover Badges
  • The page exists, but the badges (for now) are unfunctional.
Scrover Offline Editor Download Page
  • We might use Adobe Air or another tool to convert swf files to exe files.

Things to complete:

Things that are completed can be located at the Annoucement page above.
  • Add features, such as Sign ups, Logins, Generate Project IDs, bans, etc.
  • Make a uploading server, smilar to Scratch's existing
  • Add and Modify the Scratch 2.0 client, which can possibly be found on the gifthub source code and other necessary pages (See sources above for details)
  • Add custom blocks in the modified client, such as Video-blocks (no more .GIFS and audio seperately?)
  • Three extention project support (.sb, .sb2, .src2)
  • Add Scrover's Online Client for Developer release for now
  • Release the Mega Source Pack for developers to complete

We are not affiliated with ANYTHING relating to Scratch. Its replicated design of Scratch 2.0 web interference is by the team.