Server Troubleshooting

Welcome to our Server troubleshooting page! If there is a reason of why you can't acess the server, Check out our solutions below!

How in the HECK do I upload a project?!

Go to the link here. File must be ".sb" and image must be ".jpg" or ".png". Leave the version as it is.

I don't know the username and/or password.

- Scrover right now is using a forked-version of ReScratch1.4, so it has the same password thing. This will be changed or fixed in a future update.

To acess it, the username is rescratch-access and the password is 4n4rqu1c0.

As of 08/09/2022, the Password is no longer there, so that won't be an issue.

Server's down.

This happens because my (TC's) computer is currently shut down during the night. Please wait until later for the server to be back again.

The Player doesn't work well.

For now, please use the Flash player by signing in and select "Try out now!" in a project. This requires the Pale Moon Browser or any older browser that doesn't block Flash, and Flash patch in order to work.

View the video on Vidlii!